How To: Do a board press on a snowboard

Do a board press on a snowboard

Sierra Snowboard describes how to pull off a board press on your snowboard. The most important aspects of the board press are using your legs to flex the board and setting up your body to balance over the press. Approach the press in an upright, balanced stance and move into the press. Flex down on the leg closest to the end of the board that you want to press and pull up your other leg. At the end of the press, give one last hard press of the leg and pop back into your centered stance. Alternatively, you can enter a deep press by pressing your flexed leg and holding your other leg up. Slide across the snow while maintaining your balance. It is important to make adjustments with your feet to keep your balance. You can use the following steps to practice: 1. Practice balancing in a small press, flexed over the leg. 2. While in your press, make sure the knee of your upper leg is above the press. 3. Practice going into a deep press while standing still. Find the spot where you can hold the deep press without falling over. Once you have the balance down, remember to keep your head up and look where you want to go.

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