How To: Perform a frontside 720 on a snowboard

Perform a frontside 720 on a snowboard

Snowboarding: Hit the Slopes With Style

There was a time when simply riding a snowboard made you the extreme guy on the slopes. But now, with more people strapping on a board instead of skis, the stakes have been raised. Fortunately, we've lined up this video tutorial to keep you on the cutting edge. See how to perform a frontside 720 on a snowboard.

Trick: Frontside 720
Difficulty: Hard

1. The frontside 720 is one of the stock tricks of the World Cup Tour.
2. In a 720, you'll spin twice. (two 360's!)
3. Concentrate on executing a really solid drop in to the pipe (for speed and stability and a mellow ride up the wall).
4. You'll be riding toward the lip on your toe-edge, opening up toward the bottom of the pipe.
5. Because you're spinning twice, you'll have to plan (in movement) to be "blind" for about 1/2 second.
6. When lading a 720, you'll land riding switch. By now you should feel comfortable riding this way.

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