How To: Perform a manual on a snowboard

Perform a manual on a snowboard

Snowboarding: Hit the Slopes With Style

There was a time when simply riding a snowboard made you the extreme guy on the slopes. But now, with more people strapping on a board instead of skis, the stakes have been raised. Fortunately, we've lined up this video tutorial to keep you on the cutting edge. See how to perform a manual on a snowboard.

Trick: Manual
Difficulty: Easy

1. Learning how to manual is going to set you up for a whole bunch of different tricks.
2. The idea is to lean back on your back leg to raise the nose off of the snow (like a wheelie on a bike).
3. Keeping your balance in this position (not only looks cool, but) will improve your general riding balance.
4. You may go eat it a couple of times, but that's all about learning the feel of your board.

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