How To: Tailslide a rail on a snowboard

Tailslide a rail on a snowboard

Snowboarding: Hit the Slopes With Style

There was a time when simply riding a snowboard made you the extreme guy on the slopes. But now, with more people strapping on a board instead of skis, the stakes have been raised. Fortunately, we've lined up this video tutorial to keep you on the cutting edge. See how to tailslide a rail on a snowboard.

Trick: Tailslide
Difficulty: Medium

1. Be sure to have a nice Ollie to set you up properly and pop onto your slide victim (box, rail, etc.)
2. So, you'll snap off the tail, land on the rail (in this instance) on your tail.
3. Point the nose of your board as high as possible (for style points), until your off the rail
4. For extra control in your landing, snap off the tail to get more air and land smoothly.

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