How To: Wax your snowboard to maximize your speed

Wax your snowboard to maximize your speed

Scott Todd demonstrates waxing a snowboard, which is basic maintenance that assures good speed for a snowboarder. He starts by applying a thick, even layer of wax on the base of the snowboard using an old iron to melt it down. He sweeps the board with the iron to spread out the wax.
Next, he uses a scraper (a piece of plastic having the width of the board), which he sharpens using the edges of the board. He scrapes of all the excess wax until it is leveled. He uses a brush the remove what the scraper could not. He later adds that brushing the board diagonally is better for spring snow. Finally, he polishes the board to give it a smooth look and also sharpens the edges using a commercial sharpener. The board is then good to go!

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